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Crocodile Hunter...?

November sucks! :( 
It's getting colder and colder and the sky is clouded most of the time, and going out is the least thing you would want to do, and you wish you were  a bear so you could just stuff your belly with berries, ants and other delicacies from bears' diet (they must be quite nutritious ^_^), and sleep through the  winter... 
So to comfort myself  a little I took a walk down memory lane  (as you can see I have no inhibitions about using my dictionary ;) and went back to a day in July when I had seen this idyllic scene:

Aa... here is a man who knows how to enjoy his reptile... XD

I must say that for me and some of my friends the inflatable crocodile is a cult item. It appears in one of the key scenes of the movie "Knife in the water" by Roman Polański. Alright, it is NOT a key scene, but it's totaly idiotic :D In the movie the main character (Andrzej) and his wife (I don't remember her name) spend  a weekend  sailing on the lake in their yacht. In the scene in question, the wife is splashing around in the water floating on her inflatable crocodile, and at one point she utters the words that gained her a unique place in the history of the Polish cinematography:

"Andrzej, crocodile's blowing bubbles."

I bet my translation doesn't convey the awkwardness of the sentence. The expression she used is normally used only when someone is blowing  soap  bubbles,  you don't  say it  when  there's a leak  in your inflatable crocodile! Anyway, the whole scene is absurd! Well, for me the mere idea of inflatable crocodile is absurd itself XD. So when I saw this guy embracing his croc so ardently, I couldn't resist and bought one as a present for my friend. She called it Marcin, but unfortunately it doesn't blow bubbles. ;))

On another note, yesterday there was a sequel to my birthday (my birthday extended to two weeks this year ;), which means: more presents! +_+
This time I got a messenger bag with tons of pockets everywhere, and when, at my friend's insistance, I rummaged through them, I found a chocolate in almost every pocket! Geez, my friends know me really well, don't they? ;))  I got also a plushy flower (^_^). It has some wire in the stem which makes  it easy to operate, so we improvised some poke-her-with-soft-cushion/plushy flower-till-she-confess tortures in the style of Spanish Inquisition a la Monty Python :D ("and there was much rejoicing").
We were in the pub my friend works at, so I got my favourite drink for which she created the recipe herself (it isn't on the menu, so it's really an exclusive stuff ;)! There's some cachaca, campari, malibu, and fruit juice in it, and it's deliciously bitter-sweet. I love it! As much as I love the name of the drink, which is: "Sunny Bitches"! XD Well, the name isn't that much funny, but the circumstances we came up with it were. A year or two ago I watched a movie on video with a few friends. And we drank a little, and some of us smoked a little, anyway, for God knows what reason we tried to remember the English title of "Baywatch" series. And than one of my friends said: "Hey, wasn't it "Sun bitches" or something like that?"
Of course she meant "Sun beaches" but with Polish pronunciation they both sound practicly the same. So we rebaptised  "Baywatch" to "Sun bitches" XDD  I think the new name is pretty accurate ;))

And for dessert: Two Men playing with their Knife plus a Lady playing with her Crocodile in the Background:


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