November 16th, 2006


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A little memory from happier times (I haven't had the best day today -_-): this is my alter ego  from a comic my friend used to draw (now she's too busy with getting her master's degree, enjoying her new relationship - with life generally :) Anyway, the comic was autobiographical, and I have to admit that in case of the character representing herself , she managed to capture some psychological resemblance. As for me, well... I have no idea why she drew me with these horns...  *looking totally innocent, with a little aureole around her head, and no horns whatsoever* ;D   This is an early version, with the course of time, she tended to draw them smaller (she has some sense of decency after all!  ^^) And what is this mysterious circle in the area of my, eh... hip/waist ?? (hard to say what part of body it actually is, given those proportions -_-) I DON'T have anything like that (honestly!:D) Is it a wart? A tumour ?(no!>_<) Maybe a chakra? (a little misplaced then -_-')
But even with horns and suspicious-looking marks, I still look better here than on most of my photos ^_^'

Me, by Ilona S.

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