November 9th, 2006


Communist Swine!

Today I have an honour (and real pleasure) of presenting to you the Communist Swine! Here it is, in all its shameless glory! XD

The picture also proves once again that communism was a regime which wouldn’t have shrunk from defying the natural order and actually managed to make pigs fly!! (Maybe that was the reason why pork was rationed and usually almost impossible to get – most of the meat-to-be simply flew off in unknown direction. Probably to the West -_- )


And speaking of circus, an exhibition of Federico Fellini’s drawings and costumes used in his movies is going to be open tomorrow in my town. I musn’t miss it! (oh, I always say this, and somehow always miss all those not-to-be-missed events -_-‘) I hope there will be some costumes from “Rome” to see, especially those absolutely crazy outfits from the ecclesiastical fashion show! Like this one:

Definitely my favourite, not very controversial one, but the models gave a really unique performance (what with holding hands and gambolling on roller skates +_+ - you don't see such feats in church usually, what a shame). The name of this creation says it all: “Au Paradis toujours plus vite” ≈ Ever faster to Paradise! XD  Amen!

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