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I'm going to wash my hair in a few moments, so to encourage myself (I hate washing my hair ~_~) I'm posting this photo:

I don't know if I should be glad or not that I don't have a sumo wrestler to wash my hair for me... o_o Ah well, he probably wouldn't fit in my bathroom anyway... ;)
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A little memory from happier times (I haven't had the best day today -_-): this is my alter ego  from a comic my friend used to draw (now she's too busy with getting her master's degree, enjoying her new relationship - with life generally :) Anyway, the comic was autobiographical, and I have to admit that in case of the character representing herself , she managed to capture some psychological resemblance. As for me, well... I have no idea why she drew me with these horns...  *looking totally innocent, with a little aureole around her head, and no horns whatsoever* ;D   This is an early version, with the course of time, she tended to draw them smaller (she has some sense of decency after all!  ^^) And what is this mysterious circle in the area of my, eh... hip/waist ?? (hard to say what part of body it actually is, given those proportions -_-) I DON'T have anything like that (honestly!:D) Is it a wart? A tumour ?(no!>_<) Maybe a chakra? (a little misplaced then -_-')
But even with horns and suspicious-looking marks, I still look better here than on most of my photos ^_^'

Me, by Ilona S.

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Lémur - L'amour

Lemurs by Olaf Cirut

I have a soft spot for lemurs, I admit it *_*. These two are from the poster for this year Grand Prix of Young Polish Print. Of course I missed the exhibition -_-, but it's not such a big deal, because the truth is that I’m more of a fan of lemurs than a print enthusiast :P
And besides, I got the catalogue and there’s plenty of lemurs in it :D (they were some kind of mascots of this event).
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Crocodile Hunter...?

November sucks! :( 
It's getting colder and colder and the sky is clouded most of the time, and going out is the least thing you would want to do, and you wish you were  a bear so you could just stuff your belly with berries, ants and other delicacies from bears' diet (they must be quite nutritious ^_^), and sleep through the  winter... 
So to comfort myself  a little I took a walk down memory lane  (as you can see I have no inhibitions about using my dictionary ;) and went back to a day in July when I had seen this idyllic scene:

Aa... here is a man who knows how to enjoy his reptile... XD

I must say that for me and some of my friends the inflatable crocodile is a cult item. It appears in one of the key scenes of the movie "Knife in the water" by Roman Polański. Alright, it is NOT a key scene, but it's totaly idiotic :D In the movie the main character (Andrzej) and his wife (I don't remember her name) spend  a weekend  sailing on the lake in their yacht. In the scene in question, the wife is splashing around in the water floating on her inflatable crocodile, and at one point she utters the words that gained her a unique place in the history of the Polish cinematography:

"Andrzej, crocodile's blowing bubbles."

I bet my translation doesn't convey the awkwardness of the sentence. The expression she used is normally used only when someone is blowing  soap  bubbles,  you don't  say it  when  there's a leak  in your inflatable crocodile! Anyway, the whole scene is absurd! Well, for me the mere idea of inflatable crocodile is absurd itself XD. So when I saw this guy embracing his croc so ardently, I couldn't resist and bought one as a present for my friend. She called it Marcin, but unfortunately it doesn't blow bubbles. ;))
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Communist Swine!

Today I have an honour (and real pleasure) of presenting to you the Communist Swine! Here it is, in all its shameless glory! XD

The picture also proves once again that communism was a regime which wouldn’t have shrunk from defying the natural order and actually managed to make pigs fly!! (Maybe that was the reason why pork was rationed and usually almost impossible to get – most of the meat-to-be simply flew off in unknown direction. Probably to the West -_- )


And speaking of circus, an exhibition of Federico Fellini’s drawings and costumes used in his movies is going to be open tomorrow in my town. I musn’t miss it! (oh, I always say this, and somehow always miss all those not-to-be-missed events -_-‘) I hope there will be some costumes from “Rome” to see, especially those absolutely crazy outfits from the ecclesiastical fashion show! Like this one:

Definitely my favourite, not very controversial one, but the models gave a really unique performance (what with holding hands and gambolling on roller skates +_+ - you don't see such feats in church usually, what a shame). The name of this creation says it all: “Au Paradis toujours plus vite” ≈ Ever faster to Paradise! XD  Amen!

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I wanna have a tail!

Ha! So today is my birthday. Wow. Another one.

I don’t know if it means anything but I already got my presents last week and people were calling to wish me happy birthday yesterday... -_- Maybe I was born a few days too late? ;) Haha, actually I think I was born too early – I don’t feel ready to live... XD (is this supposed to be a joke? o_o  ... um... isn’t it a little bit late for such reflections...? -_-‘)

Just kidding... (I hope!;) As a matter of fact I AM happy (from time to time at least) that I’m alive – there’s so many things in the world worth living for (I mean it!:).

Anyway, since it’s my birthday, and since I’m going to this lecture on astrological iconography I thought I could take a peek at the stars I was born under. (I don’t believe that stars determine or influence our life, but I believe that such a belief may do so. Does it make sense? Whatever. It’s my birthday, so I dispense myself from an obligation to make sense! XD)

So I was born into this earthly vale in the second decan of Scorpio, under the auspices of Sun (each sign of the zodiac is divided into 3 decans, each decan equals to 10 degrees and roughly to 10 days). The second decan of Scorpio is represented by an image of a scholar sitting on a bench with two dogs biting one another at his feet. Our professor said the dogs stand for constellations of Canis Minor and Canis Maior. Hmm, I guess this is astrology for you – it has its own logic (I mean why constellations that are visible in summer are associated with an autumn sign?  Okay, they are related to Sun, but still... -_-)


These dogs look like they're embracing rahter than biting one another :) And they look a little bit like lemurs (these tails!). Two lemurs embracing? I like that! :)

So... sun, doggies and a rather nasty member of Arachnidae...? Sounds like fun! ~_~

But there’s more! Here is a really scrumptious piece of description of this decan: In the second face ascendeth a man naked, and a woman naked, and a man sitting on the earth, and before him two dogs biting one another; and their operation is for impudence, deceit, and false dealing, and for to lend mischief and strife amongst men.(the quote comes from “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa) Wow. That’s something. Deceit, false dealing, mischief. Really. Some people just can’t hold back. And the scene seems to be rather crowded – it looks like a threesome to me... =_=  or even an orgy if you take into account the dogs! XD

But Giordano Bruno managed to come up with an even more  controversial version: In the second face is a naked woman with a tail, and two naked men with tails. One of them stands proudly before the woman. The other lies on the ground, playing with a dog. Hmm... a woman with tail... a man with tail... another man with tail... and a dog...(with tail I suppose)... all naked... This is what I call perversion at advanced level XD And I’ve always thought Giordano Bruno was a scholar! But he WAS burned at the stake after all...

But I guess these tailed guys actually might have some fun... Maybe there is something missing in my life, a tail for example! I think everything would look quite different for me if I had a tail... *_*

Oh, well. Maybe next time... ;)

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I like rooks

I like rooks in winter.

It’s November already and it’s getting colder every day. And the colder it gets the more rooks appear in the town looking for food. In summer you hardly ever see them during day. You can only hear them cawing when they fly away very early in the morning. All day they’re out on some rooks’ business, to come back when it’s already starting getting dark.

But now, with winter getting closer they’re going to spend more time in the town. And when the temperature falls really low, they will sit all bristled on the ground, almost buried in snow, basking in a weak winter sunlight, and croak to one another or to themselves like grumpy old men.  

But for now it’s the jackdaws that are in charge of the town. I read somewhere that mountains were their original habitat. And I often think of mountains when I look at their  grey-black feathers and translucent eyes, as clear as water in a stream.

I like jackdaws all the year.

I found this picture here.

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A photograph from Sakiko Nomura photobook "Kuroneko".

I saw this picture on an exhibition called “Naked time” showed about half a year ago at the museum of Japanese culture in my town. It displayed works of Sakiko Nomura –  portraits of naked men and women, all of them considerably young, mostly lying or sitting on beds.

The scenes on photographs weren’t arranged in any particular way, set in some kind of anonymous space, like a hotel room, lacking any usual signs or telltales that might say something about the portrayed people’s identity.

The exhibition hall was brightly illuminated and rather small, visitors milling around within the little space. But somehow the intimacy of the situation on the portraits seemed to be seeping out of them, spreading from the scene out to the reality. It was as if the nudity of the portrayed people turned open and vulnerable not only them, but also those who looked at them. I didn’t feel the distance that usually exists between a viewer and an exhibit. It was like being let into their bedrooms, into their “naked time”.

It was amazing how much their faces and bodies seemed to tell, and yet how incomprehensible was this message. Their nakedness revealed only that each one of them was an unfathomable mystery. Their nudity concealed them well.


I don’t know why this picture fascinates me so much, but somehow I can’t get enough of it even after six months. This photograph is like  kaleidoscope – every time I look at the boy’s face, it seems to be a little different. It almost feels as if the boy’s mood changed!  Sometimes he seems sad, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes tired and dejected, and sometimes playful and seducing. Very young and innocent or mature and experienced, incredibly beautiful or unpleasantly scraggy.

 His expressions vary depending on whether I look straight at him, or tilting my head, whether I’m right in front of the picture or watching it from a distance, or accidentally catch its reflection in the mirror. Sometimes when I look into his eyes they seem to  be filled with tears but sometimes I can almost see a smile on his lips.

I do realize it’s merely a result of the optical laws and me projecting my own feelings onto the picture, but the longer I look at it, the more mesmerizing it gets.

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